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פרויקטים לחדרי בקרה ועמדות מפעיל - שולחנות מקצועיים ומודולרים לחדרי בקרה ושליטה, מרכזי סייבר, מוקדי ביטחון, מרכזי אנרגיה ותפעול, עמדות מפעיל


Africa / Cameroon

Cyber Security company

International Cyber Center

Ashdod Port

Command & Control Center

Rishon Lezion Municipality

106 Rishon Lezion / smart city

Israel Airports Authority / Ramon Airport

Control Tower / Pilot Coordination Room

National control center in Senegal

Control and security center / fire fighting

Israel Police

Coastal region / Command & Control Center

Israel Police

 Traffic Division / National Control Center

Israel Police

Control Centers 100

Dimona Municipality 

Urban Security and Control Center

Israel Police

 Tel Aviv region / Command & Control Center

MEKOROT - National Water Company

Control Room / Conference Room

Emergency Management Room

Command Center

Tel Aviv Municipality

Crisis Room / Smart City

Israel Police College

Simulator Control Center

Operation and Emergency Center

Situation and Emergency Room

Control Room and National Emergency

Technical Furniture / Operator Consoles

Fidelity Bank - Nigeria

Cyber Control Room

Ma'ale Adumim Municipality

Maale Adumim's control and security center


Control Room, Operation and Security 24/7


Security Room

Better Place

Operations Room / Traffic Control / Electric Cars

The Child Online Protection Bureau

Command Center 105

Leumi Bank 

Security counter & Control Room

Baha'i Gardens Haifa

Control Room & Security

Israel Airports Authority / Ramon Airport

Control Rooms - Firefighting

Israeli Prime Minister's Office

Security Desk

Haifa Port

Control Room & Security

Baha'i Gardens Akko

Control Room & Security

Israel Police

Control Center

Israel Airports Authority

Energy Control Center

Security Company

Security Hotline 24/7

Assam Hagalil

Process Control

Abarbanel Mental Health Center

Security Center

​Chemicals and Minerals Company

Security & Control Room 

IAA / Ben Gurion Airport

Radar Center

Security Company

Perimeter Control / Security Room 24/7


Air Command & Control Center

Control Center Shavit Marina - Haifa

Naval Traffic and Control Center 

Ministry of Social Equality

Control and Security Center

Mekorot Sapir - Control room & operation

Technical Furniture & Consoles Operate 24/7

Security room

Security Hotline 24/7

Hof Ashkelon Regional Council

Municipal Center

Fertilizers and Chemicals Company

Control and Operation Center

Tamnun Security

Security / Control Room 24/7

security company

Border Protection Center

Air Force

Simulator Console

 Keystone Bank Cyber Room - Nigeria

Cyber Room and IT

Regional Council Shedot Negev

Operation and Emergency Center

Defense Industry

laboratories and experiments

Southern Command 

Meteorology Center

Energy Center

Control & Energy Center

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